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Corrales, NM
Marshall Lee


Based on images taken from around New Mexico these design oriented landscapes evoke the spirit of land through contemporary color palettes,  transparently layered acrylic, and scraped through pigment. The Constructed West Collection works with motifs, materials, and sizes designed to eloquently echo the aesthetic of any home or office. Each work is unique hand cut from maple panel incorporating a variety of hardwoods. 



Staining the imagination like an afterimage from the glow of a bright light. Iconic landscapes are instantly recognizable while lacking the clarity necessary suspending its mystery. In the southwest these landscapes are readily available on a daily basis in nearly every color, shape, or size. Simply noticing that only when next to orange does black appear blue. Acknowledging that as distance between yourself and the horizon increases so does its likeness to a memory. The iconic landscape series will never be completed, only revisited. 


A sculpted likeness of landscapes that reveal themselves through the process of layering, scrapping, and the dilution of pigment. Imaginal landscapes frame the viewers experience of the land so they can greet the image from a new perception. Transparently masked by a high gloss sheen finish the viewer is forced to step around their reflection echoed in the images' surface in order to view it without interruption. Form is given through frayed edges, while spaces are not clearly defined and color is dependent upon only what lies below.